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Full Version: Battlelog Rank and Posbit
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Using Mycode...

Example MyCode

Expressão Regular *

<a href="$1"><img src="$1.png" alt="BF3 Stats" /></a>

<a href=""><img src="" alt="BF3 Stats" /></a>

U can use any sign

PC use "pc"
PS3 use "stats_ps3"
XBOX use "stats_360"

Se for PC use "pc"
Se for XBOX360 use 360
Se for PS3 use ps3

Your Sign - sign ID like this ORFv5eXC


[Image: ArnoldLayne-xXx.png]

U can create a fid and show in your postbit like{$post['fidX']}/ANY_SIGN_ID/{$post['fidX']}.png

Create Custom fields and show everyplace but all members need have a one.

If you can do so with more complex information would be nice.

Like this

Very nice! Thanks for sharing...