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Full Version: i have edited the file. but not in my forums
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Hey guys ok

i have english template and i wanted to change some buttons and they are the forums, search, help, calendar to arabic
[Image: 65e4271b_l.png]

i opened the xml file in my theme or template and edited it but still it does not show in my website
[Image: 1ec8466b_l.png] (after edited)

the only way that it works is my editing the page with chrome (inspect element) app but as everyone knows its only temporary after you refresh it everything comes as same
[Image: e7a52e27_l.png]

i think the problem is the forums does not uptade my it self ?
Please help !Confused
You have 2 options, you can either reimport the theme as you have altered the xml file, or you have to edit your template, go to acp>style and templates>templates>you themes template>header templates>header and edit the links there.
so immport your current xml or edit the templates are your 2 options.