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Full Version: MK ForuM Shin Tema (1.2.x)
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Hi Friends,
We Designed a theme for and i want to share it for you...
Only I want from you that not change "Theme Designed By Multimind"..
please tell me what you think


Rar Password:

Not bad but could use some work.
Oh how do you get music playing ?
Im new to MYBB im used to Phpbb and IPB lol.
you don't want music playing, or a lot of annoying animated gifs
unless your running a site called
stuff we used use on websites in 1999
on tripod.
Hmm...despite the front page antics..your forum skin isn't that bad actually.

However one needs to join to see a thread. Can you post a screenshot of a thread for us? I would be interested to see your buttons.
thanks for replies..

we made only two buttons.. but we will make..

screen for this buttons:
The others finished..

link will change..
Thanks Multimind good working