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Full Version: Coloranks: A Premium Rank Set
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[Image: iXfsLdrisnYG2.png]

Coloranks is a set of 7 premium rank images that go well with any forum. In the set you not only get the three basic ranks of Admin, Moderator, and User, but also ranks such as Designer, Developer, Support, and Super Mod. Included in the download is a fully-customizable psd file so you can add and edit the set.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! You can reply here, PM me, or shoot me an email at ryan[at]

Also, don't forget to look at the readme file. It includes a link to the icon set used in the ranks, installation instructions, and a link to the human-readable version of the license.

[Image: iFtvRQrLisjBY.png]
Those are pretty nice. Keep it up.
(06-06-2013, 05:42 PM)Zutery Wrote: [ -> ]Those are pretty nice. Keep it up.

Thanks! Glad you like them Smile