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Full Version: Help me with skin [MYBB 1.2] myBulletin
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I want delete column Moderator
Can you help me  ?
ya i would like to know how to get rid of it too
IIRC, one of the forum_displays (probably a subforum) might be able to get rid of that.

I had to take out the Posts / Threads before, and I remember editing somewhere around there.
I don't find it . I try edit round there but not succeful
Here's a trick I found that works. Load the source of the page, and look through the HTML.

It should have <!-- --> type comments around the "blocks". Find what you are looking for, and search for that template via the ACP.

And obviously, go to that template and edit out what you don't need. IIRC, for that page, there should be two files you need to edit.
Did anyone remove that Moderator column?

*Please tell me if that can't be remove i shall also remove that skin cause it is takeing the show of the forum Smile *
What's the URL of the forum? If I can see it, I might be able to find the code to take out.

I'll be on sometime this week, but probably not till tomorrow or Thursday.
here you are Smile thanks for helping me out......
K, kids go on your forum templates and expand them. Expand forum bit.
1) First is forumbit_depth2_forum find and delete:
Quote:<td class="trow1" width="60" valign="middle" align="center" nowrap="nowrap">$modlist</td>

2) In forumbit_depth1_cat:
Quote:<td class="thead" colspan="6">
colspan to 5.

3) Expand index and find in index:
Quote:<td class="tcat" width="112" align="center"><strong>Moderator</strong></td>
Delete this line Wink
Thanks for the help but rite now i can't login to my Admin CP,

Edit: thanks you help worked thank you very much Smile
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