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Full Version: Theme Footer Problem
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Index Page It Looks Good But The Pages Which Has Less Content It Look Like Look At The ScreenShot Below How To Fix This? Sad

problem is footer goes above it wont stick to browsers edges Sad

Index Page
[Image: c?6591084=oK83qUzrq6NSTq1QD3LAhlkAmJA&f=...cade2d769f]

Memberlist Page

[Image: 5d835611b7de4e718ca263afe18ba676.png]

another page

[Image: 6682d600ab2b4281900c0f4b60891407.png]
I think i understand what you mean. You need to add height: 100%; to both body and html style attributes and also add min-height: 100%; to your container div. That should fix it.

If your not sure how to do this. Go to Templates & Styles -> Themes -> Your Theme -> global.css and add height: 100% to both the body and html style attributes. Then find the #container div styling and add the min-height: 100%.
Can you please explain me in detailed
I've updated my first post, can you also provide a link to your forum?
i can find body attribute but there is not html and #container div
#container is definately there. You might need to make html yourself. It should look like this.

html {
height: 100%;

body {
height: 100%;

#container {
min-height: 100%;

Or something similar. It does work because i just tried it myself on your site. Its just a matter of you editing the code yourself.
i added the changes to global.css no changes Sad
Looks fixed on my browser mate, don't know what to tell you... what browser are you using?
yea fixed thanks a lot Smile)
Np mate, good luck with your forum and thanks for the rep Smile
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