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Full Version: If MyBB ever installed a mod here
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I would be forced to come straight at only one great conclusion. The "Thank you" mod.

No matter what the situation here I have always said those words. It seems as of late it's become a "This is what I want" pffft. that's all, no thanks, etc.. I like the thank you idea. It's positive only and maybe it would encourage some to take a change of heart? Just seeing those words on a post button speaks volumes imo. Just a ramble.
I'd agree... but only for certain threads.
Thought MyBB had at least a few MODs here, don't you guys have like 1 or 2?
Chris has his own, site 'news' management plugin so he can add news to the main site from within his user cp, and the 'latest news' plugin (which you can see in the index on the top)