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Full Version: Forums problems and security issues
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I checked my forum for the first time after a month, I had version 1.6.9 which had worked wonderfully but I found out it started to have a lot of bugs.

- Users showing up as different users.
- Authorization code mismatch... the forum keeps reverting me to mobile theme (GoMobile) when I access the index, otherwise it works.
- I updated to 1.6.10 but it still is the same. The other problem is that right now I can't reopen my forum, it keeps staying closed the setting in admin cp just doesn't want to change at all.
-When I'm logged in normal users sometimes show up as me, and they can even access the admin panel main page, however it doesn't seem they can do more than that.

I removed the GoMobile theme but now it does the same thing but reverting to other themes, the change theme plugin isn't working as it should.

It does seem these problems start when I use the mark forum as read, view new posts or change theme functionalities, at least from what I've seen so far.

Forum link: X-Evolution Forums
What plugins do you have?
You can see them here: