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Full Version: topic bold after reply
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is there a way to either make a topic bold are different colour
after someone replies to the post

if there are new posts in the topic then topic title is shown in bold.
if you want to have a different color for the topic when there are new posts then you can add
.subject_new {color: green !important;} in global.css of active theme
(admin panel >> themes >> active theme >> global.css >> Edit Stylesheet: Advanced Mode >>
add new code at the bottom and save global.css then hard refresh your browser (CTRL + F5) to see changes)
i wanted it so if a user replys to the post then the topic for that user will change colour
That will need a custom plugin.
could anyone make this plugin please move to plugin request
admincp > templates & styles > themes > your themes > global_css > Stylesheet: Advanced


.subject_new {
font-weight: bold;


.subject_new {
color: blue  !important;
font-weight: bold;