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Full Version: PHP in templates
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I'm trying to put a small php code onto the forums in the header template, but after some reading around here, it turns out that it isnt officially supported due to security reasons. I've seen some threads with plugins that work around this, so which plugin would be recommended, and are there any drawbacks to using them, aside from being careful with who can be an admin (since my co-admin has FTP access anyway, I don't think this would make a difference for me)?

Just make sure you're the only one who does anything, and you'll be fine.
Yeah, that's the plugin I saw. exactly what is meant by the php being 'slower'? Does the plugin affect other performance, or just the parts where php is inserted manually?
^ that plugin doesn't affect overall performance. execution could be a bit slow where we insert manual php codes
It'll slow your forum down in the sense that any extra PHP would. If I threw in a few lines here and there to overcome certain issues, I shouldn't notice a huge performance loss, but if I rewrote the entire MyBB Core via templates, a few might be present. Wink
Cheers, folks. I'll install it later tonight, then!