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Full Version: Who's online weird bug.
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[Image: 79d879fdbdb110bfff22b04bdd6e26d9.png]

Very odd...
Mind providing link to the site?
[Image: 2TAbtEq.png]
It's back online. We were having issues with someone DDoSing our website.
Your "{$onlinemembers}" variable carrying markup <p ...> ...</p> instead of <span ...>...</span> which i causing the line break. Check the following templates and change all <p ...> ... </p> markups to <span ...> ... </span>

Templates to check:

index_whosonline and specially index_whosonline_memberbit

If this not helps, you must have <p> markups in your username styling, change those to <span> from
ACP > Users & Groups > Groups > Username Style
I have another weird bug in Online List (1.6.10):

If the forum is set to english,then the online members are correctly separated.

But if i use on the forum the greek language,the names don't get separated and are displayed side by side.

And this is theme-independant.

How can i fix this??


There's a problem with your language pack.
and where exactly is this located,can you tell?
The language pack is located is ./inc/languages/ however I can't provide a fix as I don't know where you got your language pack from neither have any access to that language pack.
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