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Full Version: login problem not solved after edits
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i was getting login/logout problem in my forum after edited inc/setting.php
someone here corrects my editing and told me to change
$settings['cookiedomain'] = "";
$settings['cookiedomain'] = "";

means i need to remove "/" after domain.... after removing "/" login/logut problem solved but after some refresh on my site login/logout problem starts again and "/" comes back automatically...

i deleted inc/setting.php and new autogenerated file comes again with "/" ....

so can anyone tell what is problem in my site??

my site:
my forum:
./inc/settings.php is only a cache of the settings in the database. You need to edit ./inc/settings.php, login, then edit the cookie domain in the ACP.
first do suggested edit in settings.php file then log into admin panel. immediately after you log into
admin panel, navigate to General Configuration in settings and use correct cookie settings there & save.
edited both--- inc/setting.php and setting in general configrations...... waiting if problem will not come again then i will mark this thread as solved...

thanks for reply...
upload file cookiesettings.php to your root forum and run!
try login again Big Grin