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Full Version: Import theme security problem
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themes security problem
how are you?
i try to import some themes like BlackEvo4
but wen i try to import it said
A potential security issue was found in the theme. It was not imported. Please contact the Author or MyBB Group for support.

i'm on 1.6.10
open theme's xml file in a text editor (eg. notepad++), do following edits, save the file and use it
Quote:change {$monthnames[$prev_month['month']]} to {$prev_month['month']}
and replace {$monthnames[$next_month['month']]} with {$next_month['month']}
thank you
I do so but it does not work, I did not quite understand what it is can someone explain more?
Thank you.
^ a friend explained it well here --> RE: Security risk in a recommended theme?
I still can not find my way .. :/
^ which theme actually you are trying ? can you give its link if it is a free theme
I try to add Dark Fusion theme..
^ see this
I looked but I do not understand what to do when I find one in
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