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Full Version: Can't Upload Themes
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So i went to upload this theme:

And i get this error:
MyBB could not find the theme with the file you uploaded. Please check the file is the correct and is not corrupt.

The file isn't corrupt i think, i checked the .xml file and all codes are endded with </themes> etc.

I'm uploading the theme via mybb admin cp through my computer.

How do i fix this?
can you upload attachments (through post) in your forum without any problem ?
Yes I can upload attachments in posts :/
tested the theme on a local test board - imported without any issues.
have you tried importing of any other theme uploaded from your computer ?
Yes I have tried others it doesn't work either. Do I upload the whole zip file right?
^ no. you have to upload images folder from the theme to images folder of MyBB files server and xml
file of the theme should be imported through admin control panel. (see this guide for more details)
I uploaded the xml file, but my file manger doesn't look the same as the tutorial? I don't have the image file :?
^ images folder should be at your MyBB files server. it is a subfolder along with jscripts subfolder.
can we have your forum url

It seems like my uploading freezes when I upload through file manger? like it only lets me upload around 700kb.

Ohk, I restarted a test Mybb site. I extracted the file, uploaded the image file through filezilla to the server on Mybb under images.

I then created new theme and uploaded xml file. After that I tested the theme but the banner image and some other the other images still aren't there :/

Ohk, I uploaded the theme but the banner isn't showing up?