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Full Version: html file physical location
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I just accidentally deleted the contents of one of my custom html files on my server side. I know I have it on my local host. I would like to find the file in the directory structure and not through the mybb IDE. Is it possible to know the physical location of the html files and not have to go through the ide?

Thank you.
if you are using XAMPP server then you can search for your files in xampp\htdocs\ folder
Thank you for responding so soon.

Yes, I have been looking exactly there. I only see php files. Perhaps the html files do not have the .html extension? Once in my directory folder do I find the html files under the inc directory or where? It seems I have looked under every directory in the xampp/htdocs/MyFolder and I have found none of the files that I edit through the AdminCP IDE. It is very strange. They must reside somewhere.
What HTML files are you referring to?
When you are in admincp and click on templates and themes and then click on templates and then you can select different templates which are the html code for the actual site. I deleted what was in one of these templates. It was one that I had created for a page outside the forum.
^ templates do not exist physically as html files.
html code from the templates can be manually copied from the localhost forum to the web forum
but where are they locally? I can not find them anywhere under htdocs nor in the directory structure on my server side. Where do they actually reside?

oh oooops I'm sorry I did not see your first line somehow that they do not reside anywhere. OK. I guess I'll just have to recreate it. That's what I get for going too fast. :-)

Thank you for all your help.
Templates are stored in the database.
I wondered about that. What table are they in?
^ mybb_templates (see also mybb_templategroups and mybb_templatesets)
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