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Full Version: Custom 404
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If you are in a directory part of the forum that isn't accessible, how do you make a custom Error 404 page for it?

Just wondering how. Smile
I think this is what you want:
Okay! But one thing:

CraKteR Wrote:1) Change .htaccess to suply with your adresse, if you got an adresse like then you need to change the file

How do you change the .htaccess file?

Also, can I edit the source, so I can add my own content for the error pages?
Assuming your board url is:
You need to edit the .htaccess file using something like MS NotePad. Use the following code:
ErrorDocument 400 /forums/error.php
ErrorDocument 401 /forums/error.php
ErrorDocument 403 /forums/error.php
ErrorDocument 404 /forums/error.php
ErrorDocument 500 /forums/error.php

You'll need to edit the template and possibly edit the language file.

Also, moving to Code Mods.