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Full Version: How much would it cost for a high quality gaming theme?
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Well, the title explains all.

Please post below.
Standard theme starts from atleast $50 onwards.

You can ask for a quote from Johnny S. He already has developed the awesome gaming theme for free called "Battlefield 3". I'm sure he will be able to make a good theme as you need within a good budget.
Our theme prices starts from $60 USD, we have designed several gaming theme from basic to complex. If you need gaming theme then we can create it for you, according to your budget and requirements.
High Quality, huh?
Expect atleast 100$.
I'd say decent quality will be around the $100 price-range. By decent I mean it'll be pretty much stock MyBB with a facelift. If you want HIGH quality, expect at least around $300.
It all depends on what you are looking for. Obviously something with a J Slider and tons of other custom stuff will cost more. I would recommend look at, and a couple of other places