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Full Version: How to compress a file to .ZIP
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Whenever i try installing a theme i don't know what to do. when it comes to the part where you have to compressthe file to .ZIP.

I press:

[Image: QXvZfWW.png]


[Image: 3rbPjNt.png]

but it doesn't get a .ZIP file, what should i do?
MyBB doesn't accept zip files to install a theme. see themes installation guidance
well you start of with .xml but then you have to compress to .zip

[Image: p3W1hlI.png]
^ oh, so you are referring to images of the theme. but that images folder can be directly uploaded to images directory.
you can use a ftp client (eg. filezilla) & drag themes images folder (eg. Blue Steel) to images folder of MyBB server

or if you want to make a zip file and upload that then with winrar select "add to archive" and then zip file.
but how do you ZIP it?
^ do you mean winrar is not providing a zip file ?
right click the folder which you want to compress , select "add to archive"
as you have shown in the second image, select "zip" and then click on ok button
winrar makes zip file and saves it where you have original folder. use that to upload.
Ok so i would ZIP the image folder or the .XML folder? Also when i upload in cpanel do i upload .XML folder or the Zipped Image Folder?
^ xml file should not be compressed. it needs to be imported in to forum through admin panel.
Thanks mate, i've finally installed a theme.