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Full Version: Need Help
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I am currently working on my mybb website and i am trying to install this theme that this site uses and also get the portal page merged with the home page if any body can help it would be much appreciated...Undecided
This should have been posted in the Support Forum if I am correct... Everyone learns at some time I guess.

To install a theme, you will need to locate your .xml file for the theme. After locating that, go to your MyBB Forum and navigate to your Admin Control Panel. Then click on

Templates & Style -> Import a Theme

Then you will click on the Browse Icon (assuming you are a Windows User) and then find that .xml theme file. Then insert the name you want for theme, then I usually check mark the Ignore Version Compatibility option. Then click Import Theme at the bottom and your good to go. To activate it, find your Theme in the theme list, and click on the Options drop down menu. Click on Set as Default and then click on the Option dropdown again and click Force on all Users. Congrats, your theme has been installed.

What do you mean merge the Portal Page with the Home Page? Do you mean make it so if someone types in your website's url: they come up on your Portal page? Or what do you mean? You can't merge your Portal with your Forum.
I was trying to say that when ever i go to the site link posted above the portal is nit a separate page its on the index page.. does not have their Portal as their Home Page. They have whats called Side Bars. You can download a plugin to do that, but their home page is still their forum, they just have Side Bars.
Oh ok thank you...
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