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Full Version: QR Code for Attachments ?
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Is it possible to add / automatically generate a QR Code for attachments ? I saw that in a vB based forum and would like to add something like this for my MyBB site as well.

Thank you in advance.


On the bottom of the first post in that topic you will see what I mean. Smile


Hey, I am using a qr code generator now. But I am not sure if it meets your demands. You may take a look. If you want to have a try, here is the creation tutorial.
Is anyone able and willing to do something like this here, which is a SMF Forums plugin.

I would really appreciate it.
Could be done with MyCode and JavaScript

There's also a PHP library but it would require making a plugin which uses it. If it generates files, you'd have to add file management code as with regular attachments.

Or a MyCode without JavaScript, if you can manage to find a free QR Code generator as a web service. (though possible privacy issue, as it involves a third party) World&...ello World
[Image: qr?d=Hello%20World&addtext=Hello%20World]
I think you may means QR Code generator, and the qr code generator must support you to generate qr code in
Refer to this: