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I'm going to be brief, who would be interested in the following MyBB package developed by numerous members of the MyBB team. It includes:

- Global likes & tagging of users in threads.
- Global notification systems (custom - reputation, messages, likes/tagging, user interaction, etc).
- Following of users and adding/confirming friend requests.
- Gallery system with upload limits, resizing, album creation, trending tags, TAGGING OF USERS (tagged images appear on profiles), comments and likes. Modal viewing of images, blocking users from images also.
- Events system with miniForums dedicated to that specific event.
- CTA - Critical Thread Analysis: makes threads more interactive, "thread idea" which allows people to search immediately if a thread exists and if not, allows them to post it. Sets featured images for forums and threads (if allowed), gives users a profile photo if they want one.
- An achievements system completely integrated into MyAchievements and Newpoints. This system provides your users with newpoints if they complete an achievement, fully integrated with an alerts plugin which pops up on their screen stating that the user achieved x achievement.
- A conversation system, less resource intensive than PMs, includes more than 2 people if wanted and attachments are also included.
- A news feed system. Integrated with galleries, status updates (likes/comments), interests and more.

I was planning on selling this as prepackaged software but decided against it even though there would have been profit. Instead I am selling it out of a loss as to provide the purchaser with the greatest value possible. This feature will definitely differentiate your site from others. By purchasing this, you are purchasing modules that hook into MyBB perfectly, all you need is a designer to fix up the design issues and you are ready. Fully blown social networking features such as adding of friends/following/status updates and more allow for maximum interactivity with your users.

Reason I'm selling: We're developing this all on a scratch (non-mybb) based system, so I'm looking to get as much as I can for this.

I'm looking for a good amount for this software. It costed me low $x,xxx to develop and I'm definitely looking for high $xxx. I'm only planning on selling to legitimate buyers, this is real software which amazing capabilities to provide a beautiful content management system for your site. YOU RECEIVE FULL OWNERSHIP OF THIS - you can resell it/release it, whatever you want!

If interested, I may also be willing to sell integrated designs for most of the features for a little more, but that is if you are interested.

Post or PM if interested.

Before the inevitable happens, bear this in mind:

Thanks Euan! I just want people to realise that this is extremely interactive software for such a tiny amount of money. High quality features which captivate the users for such a low price.
Want to send me a demo?
Interested, but can't afford it, which is a pain. Government... Sad
(06-10-2013, 11:15 PM)Audentio Wrote: [ -> ]Want to send me a demo?

I'll install one today and send you the link! Smile

(06-11-2013, 03:48 AM)Ben Cousins Wrote: [ -> ]Interested, but can't afford it, which is a pain. Government... Sad

That's definitely a shame, sorry.