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Full Version: error registration
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fill out the registration forum,
  But when they click on registration:

[Image: 42d2083f894d9833400c2ce84c019119.png]

my friend can't registration:

help please
Can you try to re-upload user.php file from fresh download?
i test, but not work..

I do not understand
suggestion is to replace /inc/datahandlers/user.php file (upload it from MyBB source files package)
yesterdey i test
(2010-02-18, 10:06 PM)NetHunter Wrote: [ -> ]Your right. Not working. Another idea. In inc/datahandlers/user.php
"avatar" => $db->escape_string($user['avatar']),
replace with:
"avatar" => 'images/avatar.png',
			"avatardimensions" => '60|60',
                        "avatartype" = 'gallery',

Its an example. Change to the fit you need.

considered Wink

but in the evening
I reported the file as before
^ there is a mistake in editing of that file. either replace it with the original file or rectify the mistake
^ that must be a server side error and you can contact your web host with that error