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Full Version: Adding text to table
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I built this table for the sidebox

I would like to add the word "affiliates" where the arrows in the image are pointing. But I am kinda new

[Image: the_cu13.png]
Firstly, you should style the tables with default MyBB classes, the red header on top should have class="thead", the black below it (Views, Replies etc.) should be class="tcat" and the rest with content class="trow1" or class="trow2". You can check all the default classes with Firebug or by going through templates.

Secondly, you use outdated <font>, use <span> instead (but in this case class="thead" on <td> is sufficient).

And lastly, put the text into the mentioned few times <td class="thead"> not another div.

If you don't understand, you can always use a ready-made lugin for sideboxes, like: (remove your code first).