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Full Version: Remove blank tab in acp
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How do i remove this blank tab in the acp? I think it may be from a plugin i installed but i'm not sure. I've replaced the files in admin/modules with the default ones, but that didn't work. I don't understand where its coming from. As far as i can remember i've only installed newpoints, stop forum spam and mynetwork.

[Image: 8Y214TH.jpg]

That tab should say "check templates".

Looks like your language file most likely is missing this line:
$l['check_templates'] = "Check Templates";

Simple add that somewhere in your ../inc/languages/english/admin/tools_system_health.lang.php file. Save the file and then re-upload it.

Does it then appear normal?
Thanks conor, that worked. I'm using the englishgb language pack for my forum and acp, i guess that line was missing.