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Full Version: Text missing in some checkboxes in admin panel
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I moved webhost and imported the old database (with mybb 1.6.3) into the new (mybb 1.6.10). But now some texts are missing in checkboxes. This picture shows what I mean:

[Image: 3fG3q.png]
have you imported the database without upgrading the forum ? you should have run upgrade script.
I installed 1.6.10 on the new webhost. And then used the merge system to import my old database into the new. So I actually never upgraded it. At what point should I have upgraded (after merging the 2 databases, or before importing the old version)?
^ oh, run file verification tool available at tools & maintenance section to find missing / corrupt files.
I get a long list of files from inc/languages that have "Changed".
[Image: 3fHs7.png]

Now I'm wondering; what can I actually do to these files? Should I replacing them with new files for a 1.6.10 version of mybb?

Thanks for the help so far Smile
^ if you do not have custom modifications in them then replace them from MyBB 1.6.10 source files package
Thank you very much for your fast and simple support. Everything seems to function perfectly fine after I replaced the files with the newer ones.