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Full Version: What is this piece?
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I'm looking for a bit of php code.

I've added a part next to "View New Posts | View Today's Posts | Private Messages "

It's "Your Posts" and it shows you your recent posts. I know the code for the other 3 are "blahblah.php/search?action=getdaily" etc.. but what is the php code for getting your own posts?

I can get the page. If you go to your own User CP and click on the number of posts you have, it will show your your recents posts
Your Posts:

<a href="search.php?action=finduser&amp;uid={$mybb->user['uid']}">Your Posts</a>

Your threads:

<a href="search.php?action=finduserthreads&amp;uid={$mybb->user['uid']}">Your Threads</a>
Thanks a lot man!