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Full Version: Forum Hacked. Admin Team Disabled.
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The security of my forum ( <snip> ) has been compromised somehow.

Every single Admin except one has been banned, with the reason being... offensive to say here. The only one not banned had his login information changed. This is obviously the hacker's choice of entry.

I am the webmaster. If someone will help me regain control of my site, I would -infinitely- appreciate it.

I am willing to provide any and all information to validate my claim.

Please assist us.
Do you have phpmyadmin access?
I'm completely banned. I can't even access the site.

EDIT: I'm an idiot. I was thinking you were talking about the Admin CP.

I should have access to the cPanel, yes.
It is not related to the mybb forum, it is your hosting panel where you manage your mysql databases.
Yes, I do have access to the hosting service. This wasn't compromised at all. I did a very good job locking it up behind secure passwords only I know.

What do I do next?
Login to your mysql database management panel and find mybb_banned table. Remove the line begining with your UID from there. Then you can be able to login to your forum. If your password has changed, find mybb_users table, change your password to
which is
then you will be able to login to your admin panel. Check moderator logs to see which account has been used to ban admins. When you find the compromised account, just revoke his powers.
I couldn't directly connect, but I'm attempting to reload the MYSQL Database, from a restore point created 17 hours ago.

Wait, I'm actually logged into it now. But I can't find mybb_banned.

I believe things are the way they should be, however if you look at the webpage...

How do I correct this?
Check your MySQL password against the one stored in inc/config.php. Do they match?
(2013-06-18, 05:04 AM)Seabody Wrote: [ -> ]Check your MySQL password against the one stored in inc/config.php. Do they match?

...this all happened right when I changed the MYSQL password...

Forgive me, this is my first time doing -any- of this. I can't ask my co-admins for help on this matter, so it's all me.

That is exactly what the problem was. Thank you both SO much for assisting us on this matter.