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Full Version: Dazzle from Audentio Design
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[Image: dazzle-22_display.jpg]

Hey everyone!

Dazzle is a modern MyBB theme that has awesome user menus, easy to customize, and a slick interface your community will love. Social Media icons can be customized to match your site's social sites, too! This mybb theme will work at any width you want to give it and has a truly simplistic and modern interface for a fresh look that everyone will love!

The theme was designed by Tushar.

It looks cool, I saw a small issue with the demo using Opera browser - the visited toplinks jump up and are no longer aligned.
Looks great but it's beyond me why people like the OP put so much of their valuable time into creating this stuff. Unfortunately this type of content just gets ripped in a matter of days. Better of selling these themes as a once off sale.
Looks really good! Great job on the theme, Tushar Smile

And Jambuster, I do agree that custom themes aren't as prone to being ripped, but it's a trade-off. You have to know going into creating the theme that people will rip it quickly but, if it's good enough (and a lot of things come together), it could get you more profit than a custom theme. You just need to be on the lookout for rippers if you want to crack down.
Neat theme. Smashing use of fonts.
[Image: 459981f1a3b632bd961afd4155c9678c.png]
Beautiful and clean design.

Great job as always Smile
Isn't it an old theme?
(06-22-2013, 07:03 AM)effone Wrote: [ -> ]Isn't it an old theme?

No, I posted a wip thread long ago but it was never released.