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Full Version: Selling gaming forum.
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Selling this <snip>

It may not look like much, or seem like much. But from what I've been through and what I had to do to keep the site up and running, I feel like it's worth a bit. I just don't really have time for it anymore. I don't have the time to advertise or anything. I was planning on doing a big $500 revamp for the site, new domain, new theme, new plugins and all custom as well. I just didn't see me having the time to do it, I have the money for it, I just don't really have the time for it. All the members from there had so much hope and said it does have a chance to be a big successful forum, so if you honestly are interested in it, please do not let it go to waste. I will be giving the hosting information, FTP, and domain service to the buyer. Everything will be in your ownership.

I was honestly offered $300 for the website, so I feel that it's worth just about that. Just hit me up with offers please.
700 members, 6k posts, looks to be about 15 active members.

I would offer somewhere around 30 bucks. But all I would want is the domain. You could sell the theme and other features, which is very nice btw.
Ripped theme.