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Full Version: [F] MySQL: Can't change location/gender/etc
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I have the same problem and the link doesn't work Sad

Help me please..
More than likely, that's because this thread is old. What version are you using, serdar588?
serdar588 Wrote:I have the same problem and the link doesn't work Sad

Help me please..

Can you post the exact error you are getting? I believe this is an RC4 problem and it has no doubtedly been fixed since then.
I was using 1.2.1 version and yesterday I upgraded my forum to 1.2.2


MySQL error: 1054
Unknown column 'fid2' in 'field list'
Query: INSERT INTO mybb_userfields (ufid, fid1, fid2, fid3) VALUES ('308', '', '', '')
Ugh this just turned complicated. It's due to a MySQL strict fix. Which appearantly isn't enough.
I'm gonna split it and move it to bug report forum.
This bug has been fixed in the latest code.
Upload the attached file to inc/datahandlers folder and you'll be fine.
Thanks lots Smile

Tikitiki and Crakter have released updated user.php files to fix different problems. Is there a way you two can create one with all the fixes, so we can knock out all the bugs at once? Big Grin
This was fixed before the other bug, so. It's fixed in this file as well.
Ok then! Glad to have that clarified! Thanks. Big Grin
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