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Full Version: Advertise here or your Ad here mod
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Hi friends I am looking for a simple mod. that will allow people to advertise on my forum.

Advertisers will have their CP, where they can buy clicks "paypal" and monitor those clicks, (how many times ad was clicked, where it was clicked and how many clicks are left) also where they will upload their banner max-size: 728x90; and with Max. File Size: 30k; .JPG .GIF .PNG
I want a system to rotate those banners that will work this way.

For instance administrator makes this click package:

100 clicks - $100
100 clicks - $60
100 clicks - $30

Whoever spends more money will have more exposure I mean if I spend $100 my add will have higher priority to show over for instance $60 and even more than $30.
I want the Advertisement CP to be visible to all registered users that will have to apply before advertising!
I really prefer performance over design!
Can you do it for me? Tell me your price.
It's possible to do it for you.
It will take a lot of time (not realy, but it's not fast), tell how much can you spend for this. Not lower than 20$