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Not sure if this is my end or its the MyBB end...when i look at the code modification forum i see this


Nothing strange there you say...well when i'm logged out is see this


Suddenly some sticky posts appear...why do they not appear when im logged in?
o.o I'm logged in and I can see them fine for me.
Me too........just another ordinary member.
I believe i have found out what caused this...

In my usercp i had the 'view last 100 threads' selected, when i changed this to 'view all threads' they appeared. Which leads me to another question

Shouldnt sticky/important threads appear regardless of which setting this is at?
Looks like a bug. Smile
Sye Wrote:Shouldnt sticky/important threads appear regardless of which setting this is at?

IMO, they should, I'll move this to Bugs and we'll see what the Devs think.
Technically there's nothing 'wrong' with this, however the logic can be questioned, but if we do rewrite it for this 'small' change, there will be cost in performance.
think of it this way...

I create a sticky/important thread in a specific sub-forum explaining certain rules to that forum alone, then lock it, as i dont want people spamming the thread. After a few hundred posts this 'rule' post will not show if a user does not have the default option selected in their usercp, causing them to not see the rules.

I would have to use the announcement feature to overcome this, but this is restricted to admins only if i remember correct. Also i might want to post several sticky posts in a specific forum that i want shown indefinitly. Announcements are better used for temporary important news and not a constant post.
ut-oh ... I surely have more than a dozen of old sticky topics and view threads from 'last 30 days' forums, in IPB and I was thinking of converting it.
Use the following file to fix:
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