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Full Version: layout change
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sorry if this is the wrong place..

i would like to change the width of the column with the member details to a fixed 100px and the rest of the thread view to fill the remaining width (100% or auto or whatever)

can someone please tell me how to do this.

I tried in postbit but couldn't get it to work.

ACP > Templates > Modify / Delete > *Template Set* > Post Bit Templates > Expand > postbit
<td class="{$altbg}" width="15%" valign="top" style="white-space: nowrap; text-align: center;"><a name="pid{$post['pid']}" id="pid{$post['pid']}"></a>
<td class="{$altbg}" width="85%" valign="top">

ACP > Templates > Modify / Delete > *Template Set* > Show Thread Templates > Expand > postbit

<td class="tcat" width="15%"><span class="smalltext"><strong>{$lang->author}</strong></span></td>
<td class="tcat" width="85%"><span class="smalltext"><strong>{$lang->message}</strong></span></td>
Change the widths to your liking.
thanks christian .. seems to have done the trick