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Full Version: add recent threads in sidebar
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Well, i'm using this theme :
And in this theme, there is already a sidebar, as you can see. Now i want to add a list of recent threads in the sidebar .. Well, i installed a sidebar-plugin (, but there is a problem: The layout is destroyed. So actually i just need the template-code for the recent topics, so i can manually insert the code to the sidebar which already exist in the CMS-BB theme (which i linked above).
So can someone tell me the code of recent threads in the sidebar-plugin, so i can add it manually? and would that work? Thank you very much!

P.S.: my forum isn't online yet so i can't give a link or something like that.
Well to add recent threads in sidebar you can
do not put that inside a td, just a div for placement.

And for a sidebar, you can refer to this tutorial,

Instead of using the plugin.

For a demo you can take a look at my site. I use {$latestthreads} to display on the index page.
I don't need a sidebar. The theme already has a sidebar, i just need the code for displaying the latest threads. Look at this theme :
Look on the right side, there is already a sidebar installed.
Now i want to display the latest threads in the sidebar. I tried to use {$latestthreads}, but it doesn't work. I don't see a change after i inserted the variable. Look here, the header template (just a part of it)
<div id="container">
	<br />
	<div id="sidebar">

	<div id="content">
u should try on index template and not header Wink