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Full Version: Error Data too long in import table Users using Merge Tool 1.6.10 with Phpbb3
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Hi Guys,

I was tried using Merge System for Mybb 1.6.10 for import data of phpbb 3 but when run the import for User the system show the error:

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1406 - Data too long for column 'salt' at row 1
INSERT INTO mybb_users (`usergroup`,`additionalgroups`,`displaygroup`,`import_usergroup`,`import_additionalgroups`,`import_displaygroup`,`import_uid`,`username`,`password`,`salt`,`loginkey`,`email`,`regdate`,`lastactive`,`lastvisit`,`website`,`showsigs`,`signature`,`showavatars`,`timezone`,`avatardimensions`,`avatartype`,`avatar`,`lastpost`,`icq`,`aim`,`yahoo`,`msn`,`hideemail`,`allownotices`,`regip`,`lastip`,`longregip`,`longlastip`,`language`,`passwordconvert`,`passwordconverttype`,`postnum`,`invisible`,`birthday`,`birthdayprivacy`,`subscriptionmethod`,`receivepms`,`receivefrombuddy`,`pmnotice`,`pmnotify`,`showquickreply`,`ppp`,`tpp`,`daysprune`,`timeformat`,`dst`,`buddylist`,`ignorelist`,`style`,`away`,`awaydate`,`returndate`,`referrer`,`referrals`,`reputation`,`timeonline`,`showcodebuttons`,`totalpms`,`unreadpms`,`pmfolders`,`notepad`,`threadmode`,`showredirect`,`dateformat`,`dstcorrection`,`warningpoints`,`moderateposts`,`moderationtime`,`suspendposting`,`suspensiontime`,`suspendsignature`,`suspendsigtime`,`coppauser`,`classicpostbit`,`loginattempts`,`usernotes`) VALUES ('1','','1','1','','1','1','Anonymous.','','20012dd685144bb1','OH5tTqHE8toCbf6CES6VvFrtWyHDlgubDDeTfQmBor2uuuUySs','','1225341105','0','0','','1','','1','00','0|0','','','0','','','','','1','0','','','0','0','','','phpbb3','0','1','','all','0','1','0','1','1','1','0','0','0','d M Y H:i','0','','','0','0','0','0','0','0','0','0','1','43','0','1**Inbox$%%$2**Sent Items$%%$3**Drafts$%%$4**Trash Can','','','1','0','1','0','0','0','0','0','0','0','0','0','0','')

Appears that the column salt in mybb is varchar(10) but the same column in phpbb3 is varchar(32). I change the column in mybb for varchar(32) but after this other error occurred with the column timeformat in mybb.

I'm remember that some time ago test the mybb 1.6.5 with merge and the table users was imported correctly.

Can help me with this?
Hi, I changed the salt column for varchar(32). I find out that merge 1.6.10 has some problems for import data of phpbb3.
Bellow the links in dev about this:

phpBB3: user date format not converted correctly

PHPBB3 : Additional User groups are wrong

Hi download the files that was modified and update in folder of merge but the column usergroup was truncated, this happens if the phpbb users are in more than one group. For solve this I edit in database of phpbb the group of users.
The user date format appears was solved with the code inserted in users.php in ./merge/boards/phpbb3.php.

But now the merge is locking when import the user 122 of phpbb but not show erro in screen.

I think I'll wait for the mybb 1.6.11 for for look if the problem will resolve.