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Full Version: Need Private template
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My m8 doesn tlike the theme we have now, he wnts somehting more speacial and proffesional.

Ok, so I need a mybboard theme(

My site is Heres what i need:

The type of project: MyBB Theme
The overall style you'd like – the feeling you would like to portray in the project: Sports like but very proffesional stylish.
Any preferred colors: Toronto Maple leafs Blue( and Toronto Raptors Red(
Your available budget (a range is suitable): $5-$15
Project Deadline: No Deadline
Where this would be used:

Please contact me at [email protected]
Why didn't your mate like the theme I made?!?
He says he wnats the theme to be modded to look like Ipb just with the colors ive posted. DOnt ask me i like it but he said members have pmed and said
How much time do we have in order to make it? I'm interested.
He says "Project Deadline: No Deadline"
No deadline as I like the theme Toungue so just whenever.
If any1 comes up with sumthing e-mail me, e-mails in first post.