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Full Version: merging two mybb site users
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By using plugin "merge system", we can merge everything in two mybb sites, but know I want more possibility!

For example I have two distinct mybb sites (mybb1 and mybb2). I want that if a user is registered for example in mybb1, all his account information traumatically be valid in site mybb2.

myyb1 and mybb2 are set in different databases.
If there is a plugin or setting I would be glad to know itSmile
Now this is very challenging. I think either it's impossible to do this or it will be very buggy and could cause security issues. I know that you can run 2 different websites using the same database information but both forums using two different databases are expected to have the same user details would be complicated.

Why don't you use 1 database for both websites which I think could be slightly buggy but I think it'll do the job.
I thing it is possible to have one database.
How can I do this with one database?
I thought that it will not be possible to have two different mybb site with one database, because by this work, the tables in mysql database will be the same, i.e if you post anything in one of them, it will be shown in the other one.
Am I right?!