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Full Version: [Request] Remove Inverted Commas from BBcode
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Hi everyone.

Has anyone got a piece of mycode that will convert this: [URL="webaddress"] into this: [URL=webaddress] basically removing the inverted commas from the bbcode.
you can add a nwe MyCode to take urls with that symbol xD.

I add a new MyCode and use this new to show urls inside [url="http://myurl"]Text to link[/ur]

And takes the new one like an url, but to delete that, mybe you can, but the final result sees equal in both cases.
I've tried lots of different things today and couldn't get it to work.

I need something for the Regular Expression * and Replacement *

I tried [URL=(")(.*?)(")]and lots of other code. I've also searched lots of forums. This is also a issue on phpbb3.
I can't use plugins as i don't have access to FTP. I'm just an Assistant Admin, my friend who is the main is currently away.
to do such a thing, can't be done without FTP.

Can you explain to me. what code do you want to make?
There are quite a lot of image/file hosts out there that will give you a preview bbcode, but the code is often created wrongly, As if the code was in html originally and then poorly translated into bbcode.

Whats happening is the first part of the code has ""s in it. For instance [url=""][Image: logo.png][/url]

instead of clickable
[Image: logo.png]
I want to make it so those links work just like normal url tags.
Ok i've got it to become click-able, but its loading a page on my forum instead of taking me to the website.

Regular expression: \[url="(.*?)\"](.*?)\[/url\]

Replacement: <a href="\1">\2</a>

If i do a link like

It takes me to instead of taking me directly to
delete the code. and use the code in the editor.
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