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Full Version: My forum is not loading
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My forum is not loading when i want to access my forum appear a blank page.
Help Wanted
Where is the blank page occurring?
at my whole forum from index to all..
Okay. That's weird!

Do the following first then tell me what happened.

Step 1

Go to ./inc/settings.php


$settings['no_plugins'] = "0";

Replace with

$settings['no_plugins'] = "1";

Are you able to access the forum now? If not then go on step 2

Step 2

Find your error_log file on the root of your forum and post all the errors using the code tags. If you use cPanel then find the error log option under the logs tab and you should be able to see the errors there.
Can you share your forum url please?
Step 1 Not working
And step 2 Error log not found on root
What to do now help me
@New2mybb, I followed this but not working
Error log are good thing go to your cpanel and see there should be error log option
It can be just a temp Hosting problem
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