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Full Version: SMF to MyBB ~ Forum permissions
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I'm in the process of converting from SMF 2.0.4 to MyBB 1.6.10, everything seems to be going OK except forum permissions.

The import page reads: "328 forum permissions are importing right now, There are 0 forum permissions left to import and 0 pages left."

The page refreshes every few seconds and has been doing so for over half an hour. If I pause the import the "Module Selection" list shows "Resume". Is it normal for it to take that long to import permissions or has something got stuck?

If there is a problem with importing permissions, what is the best solution?

SMF Version 2.0.4
MyBB Version 1.6.10
PHP Version 5.4.14
SQL Engine MySQLi 5.5.32

(08-17-2013, 06:33 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]see replies here

Many thanks,

Forum search prior to posting didn't bring that post up.