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Full Version: Prevent known spam mails
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I was wondering if there is some kind of database that gathers spam mails like 10minutemail so I'm able to prevent users registering with such email on my forums.

Anyone got an idea, or is there a plugin for this already?

Thanks in advance,
Take a look at the link below:
And there is no online database with such list on which I'm able to build something on?
There are sites that collect them, e.g.
Yee thanks, that's a thing I was looking for!

If someone knows more sites like that one, I would really appreciate it if you consider posting it. is an amazing tool. I download their top offenders lists on a regular basis.
I use that as checkup as well, but it doesn't include disposal mail accounts that's why I've made an own plugin for the checkup.

Thanks for your addition though
I believe he meant white-listing your domain on the spam filter is a bad practice not good practice.
If it wasn't already mentioned, Fassim's antispam plugin is excellent. You can ban certain countries, emails, etc...