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Full Version: DDoS attack, how do I recover?
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(2013-08-29, 11:26 PM)Ansem Wrote: [ -> ]
(2013-08-29, 07:45 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]edit: delayed response

contact your web host - initially they should be able to combat the attacks. you can try using CloudFlare to prevent them

Incapsula > Cloudflare
I think Incapsula starts from $299 whereas CF's free plan offers the basic protection with that 5-sec timer as well. Incapsula is good for high yielding business or such or if you are generating quite a bit of profit from your traffic. I wouldn't want to use it for forums though.
Incapsula does have a free plan and has a sufficient enough bandwith for most starter forums. Switch to a better host mate.
(2013-08-30, 02:51 PM)Bala Wrote: [ -> ]Incapsula does have a free plan and has a sufficient enough bandwith for most starter forums. Switch to a better host mate.

Here are simple truths from a veteran that has frighted and mitigated DDoS'es many times.

Seabody is spot on:
Quote:Nothing you can do. If you don't have server access, if you're on a shared host, or if your host is mitigating it for you, all you can really do is sit tight and wait.

You cannot fight a large DDoS by trying to block it. Make sure it is reported, checking in occasionally to see if the DDoS is ongoing. Once it's done, pop back up. .

You hoster is actually kind.
Quote:If your website is using this IP (due to unique IP rotation system only 3% websites are using this IP) it will be unavailable for the next 6 hours. As soon attack will subside, this IP address will be enabled and your website will start working again. We thank you for your patience and understanding.
Bad hosters normally normally boot you.

A VPS will not help much in mitigating a DDoS. You may firewall off bots etc, but their traffic in still reaching the server where they are blocked, choking your bandwidth, also the server's. Eventually the hoster will resort to the same steps as shared hosting providers. As such not a viable option. Been there, seen it, got the badge.

CDN providers:
Incapsula's free plan does not include DDoS protection. See
CloudFlare will protect you initially on the free plan, but if the attack becomew large, you will be disabled and will need to pay up for their advanced plan.

Then we have those numerous DDoS protection rackets. Most hosters who promise you DDoS protection are simply scammers. They can't stop a DDoS. Once the DDoS affects their upstream pipes, take a guess you takes the fall?

However their is another issue you mentioned:
(2013-08-29, 06:53 PM)Jake Cage Wrote: [ -> ]My site is down by a DDoS attack from our rival. What should I do?
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(2013-08-29, 09:04 PM)Jake Cage Wrote: [ -> ]They admitted to it and I just entered my host CP and...
Now there is something you can do something about.
Contact your hoster, Main Hosting Servers, and make them aware of it. Also make sure they escalate it upstream. Those same resources they are using to attack you, rented from a bot herder, is also used to attack other infrastructure.

Quite a few international incidents have taken place recently where such people are arrested. You server is located in the USA and the US does not take kindly to attacks on their infrastructure, taking even a more hard line on it of late.
If you're interested, all forums on IcyBoards come with 10gbps DDOS protection. We can import your board at no cost and completely resolve the situation at no cost to you.
(2013-08-30, 08:30 PM)Jake Cage Wrote: [ -> ]

That individual could be trolling you. Talk to your host to find out what exactly happened and so on.
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