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Full Version: Show all thread in subforums inside forum ?
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I'm not sure this is possible, but it would be great for my forum.

To explain what I want, imagine a Category "Car", with a forum "Honda" and suforums "Civic", "Prelude", "Accord", "Insight"...

I want to display all the threads that are in the subforums directly in forum "Honda".

So in forum "Honda" it will display all the subforums threads, and in subforum "Civic" only threads related to Civic model.

I imagine subforum as a "filter" for all Honda related threads...
The simpliest way would be something similar (not exactly like you wish).

Download XThreads: - the most powerful tool for modifying threads/forums.

Then create a Honda forum, add to it selectbox Thread Field with values: Civic, Insight etc. Use the filter functionality to create links to each thread field value - that will imitate subforums and show only the selected thread field threads. Here something similar: (look at the Genre table on last screen)

Other applications:

Except that, I don't think there are other free plugins with this functionality. You can try to request it (very low chances for being created) or find a developer in R/S/J base (high chances if you pay well).