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Full Version: At whits end with this forum HELP!
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I am about to lose it. My forum just will not act right

- Was redirecting to but wouldn't log me in on that url now its logging me in on that url and not logging me in on

- Won't save my settings in ACP no matter what i do and my spam is out of control

- Delete spam threads, it says its deleted but once the screen redirects it's still there. AngryAngryAngrySad

I just want to delete the whole thing, start a new installation but i don't want to lose those who signed up and the threads.... Sad please help
Deleting Spam Threads: Are your tasks running and did you try clearing your cache?

1. Go to ACP>Tools & Maintenance>Cache Manager>Rebuild all the caches

2. Go to to ACP>Tools & Maintenance>Task Manger>Click the clock on
  • Daily Cleanup
  • Half-hourly User Cleanup
  • Hourly Cleanup

Also, be sure to confirm your tasks are running or not.

SPAM: There's no way you can get rid of spam from your board completely, however ban the e-mail addresses found in the link below:

Here's a list of spam prevention plugins

Redirect: Can you elaborate? I don't see any different between and , as far as I know, they both are the same thing.