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Full Version: lol - Combining Stats & Whos Online
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Sorry last thread is my bad.

It is not the footer I have changed, but merely the stats block and put it at the bottom above the footer (see So the copyright is still there.

So can someone help me now?

old question is here
I did edit them slightly, however that doesnt seem to be the cause of it as when the online info is in it's own box using the same language variables then it works fine. Also if I take the stats from the stats box and try to put them in with the online stuff instead then it does the same thing to the stats (see example if I am making no sense)

online_users = There are currently <b>{1}</b> Monkeys online.

online_counts = <b>{1}</b> Monkey(s) | <b>{2}</b> Guest(s)


Edit: Aww you deleted your reply!
Sorry, accidentally deleted my last post!  So instead of pulling the actual count it's leaving the 1's and 2 and putting characters around them!  I'm having a hard time figuring this one out as well! Maybe they need to be in their own <td></td>? Guess this is a bit over my head! Sorry!

But I do notice you have the online users listed correctly below the stats.  Why don't you just delete that messed up version in the stats and leave the online users on their own?  Big Grin
I can't get it neither, the code seems correct. Maybe they have to stay in their own templates? ?_?
hmmm at least it aint me being daft.

As to why am wanting to put them in the same box, it is because I think it is too much space taken up for 2 boxes.

btw what do you think of the look of the site?
Quote:Maybe they have to stay in their own templates? ?_?
Yeah, I thought about this as well...I am still learning php, but maybe the portal file has to have some include statement in order for other templates to work with it? Don't know...just offering suggestions. Wink

And your site looks pretty cool, Tech! You've obviously been busy changing things around! LOL
Thanks Smile

Yeah did wonder the same thing myself, that it must have called some custom include for them both.

Maybe I will just have to abandon the idea of having them in the same box Sad

Unless anyone else knows?