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Full Version: Custom link color issue.
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Hey guys I got a lil issue with link color.

"Aanmelden" and "registreren" are the same color as my link colors, so if I change that to white, the other circles u can see on the picture will turn white too..

So how can I just change the color of "Aanmelden" and "registreren" without the others changing?

the css of this is: "a:link, a:visited"


you can try using style like a.register , a.login {color: #fff !important;}
Worked like a charm. Cheers bro! (a)

Can I do the same with "Zoeken" "Ledenlijst".. too? I'd like to make the font black instead of bleu.
^ yes, you can try using style like , a.memberlist {color: #000 !important;}
Hmm. The rollover went black then aswell, also the one I made myself ('Handleidingen') didn't work.

I saved it, u can look if u want to:

^ well, you can try adding !important for the hover effect style
#panel li a:hover {
	background: #004488;	
        color: #fff !important;

remember to hard refresh browser on index page (eg. press CTRL + F5) after saving changes to the css
I added this and worked aswell: , a.memberlist , a.calendar , {color: black !important;} , a.memberlist:hover , a.calendar:hover , {color: #fff !important;}

But the last one still wont work ! a.k.a "Handleidingen" button.
^ add a css class for that link (in header template) so that you can use the same method.
Aah that worked. Cheers Wink
Theres 1 more thing I overlooked, the 'Lost Password' text is still the same color aswell. How do I fix this one?

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