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Full Version: Need script to add in MYBB Backend for long time admin
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I'm the owner and super admin of a Mybb forum (which is currently down). My forum is already hacked so many times so I got a solution for this. I want to make a member secret admin who would be black in color with all the admin authorities. I don't want to make a new group, I want to do this by a script.

I know the people who hack the forum and they do this to irritate me, but they don't delete the members or threads. I could recover my account by that member (who would have admin authorities).

Can you please help me? I think, it is possible by making little changes in the code.

an admin having the admin control panel access can be shown as ordinary member by using the Display User Group

[Image: d2u.gif]
This will shift the user into Administrator group... I don't want to change the group Sir.
You will have admin permissions but to others you will not appear as an admin unless the display group is set to the admin group.