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Full Version: Can one use Merge to move a Yahoo Group to MyBB?
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I want to move an existing Yahoo! group over to MyBB. Is it difficult? Will Merge work for that?
-- Coosa
MyBB merge system can not work for conversion of Yahoo (/ Google or similar groups).
there is no database backup available from the Yahoo Groups to work on a Merge Module
Thanks for replying. I suspected that would be the answer.

I guess the only way to move a yahoo group to MyBB do it is to start over from scratch by creating a new, empty MyBB forum and then invite members of the yahoo group to join. Right?

^ yes. IIRC, the members email details can be downloaded from Yahoo group or there is a facility to mass mail all members.
and if you have rich content in the yahoo group then use it as an archive and gradually transfer content to forum (manually)