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Full Version: MYTabs with Link Forums
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Hey I want use MYTABS but when I go the tab settings the forums I have as linked aren't shown how do I fix that
can you elaborate it - I could see a tab assigned to a category with three forums.
do you have more tabs assigned to the categories ?
No I have 2 forums set as link forums but in my settings

[Image: UyfW8ZG.png]

and in MY Tab Settings

[Image: i720Rd3.png]

I too would like to know how to fix this. Any forum that is used as a redirect link is missing from the list of available forums and categories when setting up a tab in MyTabs. I've looked through the code and it looks like nothing is supposed to be excluded except for the forums that are supposed to be hidden (Forum is Active? setting unmarked in Forum Management). This is not however the case when a forum has the "Forum is Active?" setting marked but is a link ("Forum Link" contains a link).
EDIT: Found a workaround, go inside mysql, edit mytabs_tabs, find the tab you want, add to forum table the ID of the forum link you want to add.