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Full Version: Need help, server getting hacked
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Hi, I can't post much information but if someone can please help me via skype or teamspeak, that would be great. I need help ASAP!

A group of people have been getting on my forums, removing threads, "hacking". I thought they used an exploit from a chat plugin but I guess not.

Please, if someone can please help me, that would be amazing... I really need it. this is so frustrating!
Close your board temporarily
change all passwords
remove or temporarily block all admin accounts except yours.
Change admin panel directory
Open board again

Rinse and repeat if you still find "hackers"
Send me a PM with your Skype ID.
just a note --> if you suspect chat plugin then you should not use that or restrict its usage to trusted user groups
You could remove all plugins and it would continue, all you need to do is search the hacker forums and you will see the vulnerability that allows this, I thought the update may have fixed it but nope Wink